Challenge Day Pricing

Program Costs
Two facilitators
6-hour Workshop
Up to 100 Student Participants
Designed for 7-12th grade
Faculty/Staff Participation
1:4 adult to student ratio
Counselor participation required
Travel Costs
Approximate Cost
Estimate and paid upfront at time of booking
Is reduced the more days you book
Covers flights, hotels, and rental cars
We cover all other costs

Booking and Pricing FAQ

How far in advance should Challenge Days be booked?

Planning for a Challenge Day takes at least 2-3 months. We encourage you to book at least 90 days in advance of your desired Challenge Day date. Given the high demand for our programs and the limited availability of our Leaders, the Challenge Day calendar fills up very quickly. Many schools we work with book up to a year or more in advance.

How much does a Challenge Day cost?

The Challenge Day youth program is $6,000 per day for the 2024-25 school year, and includes:

  • Pre-program coaching
  • One six-hour program for a maximum of 100 youth and a minimum of 25 adults
  • Two trained Program Leaders
  • Pre-program survey
  • Unlimited phone consultation
  • Post-program follow-up call
  • Follow up curriculum and guides

In addition to program costs, we ask you to cover travel expenses for our leaders:

Travel Item

Estimated Expense

2 round-trip airline tickets

Average $800-$2500

2 hotel rooms (equal to or above the quality of a Holiday Inn) for every night prior to your Challenge Days

$400 per day

Rental car beginning the day before your Challenge Days

$100 per day

TOTAL (Estimate for 3 days)

$1500 - $3,000


Do I need to book multiple days?

Because of the high demand for our program, we need to book a minimum of three consecutive days shared per trip for our Challenge Day leaders. 

If all you need is one day, we work with nearby schools to 'piggy back' multiple days in your area to make that possible (and to share travel expenses).

Can I get a more accurate assessment of Travel costs?

Before we sign a contract, we look up flights and hotels and lock in an exact travel cost that's included in your contract. This means no surprises, extra charges, dealing with receipts...etc. 

If our actual costs end up being higher than what we estimated, we take responsibility for that.

How can I raise funds for my school’s Challenge Day?

Local community foundations, civic groups, police departments, businesses, service clubs, school safety funds, drug use prevention funds, and private donors have all provided funding for the implementation of Challenge Days. Many schools have also used Drug Free and Safe Schools money for our programs. Inviting donors and influential members of your community to participate as adult facilitators during the Challenge Days can be a wonderful way for them to see the immediate impact of their donation.

We also strongly recommend inviting influential people in your community to watch the 15-minute segment of the Teen Files: Surviving High School Video. It can be especially powerful for teens in your area to give testimonials about Challenge Day’s positive effects in their lives.

Some communities have created “pay it forward” programs where students who have gone through Challenge Day work with their parents to raise $30-35 to send someone else through Challenge Day. Many schools put on events to fundraise. Local businesses can “adopt” a class to go through Challenge Day. Local employers will match donations given by their employees.

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