Yvonne Dutra St. John

Co-Founder & Challenge Day Leader

Working with teens and adults in schools and communities since 1980, Yvonne has been instrumental in designing and implementing over 20 different nationally recognized prevention, intervention and Leadership programs for teenagers and adults.

Yvonne’s earliest experiences varied from classroom presentations, school assemblies, to TV programing on eating disorders, gender stereotypes and all forms of social oppression.

She later focused her attention on working with at-risk youth, creating addiction and recovery programs, emotional intelligence, peace building, couples, parenting and family workshops.

Yvonne and her partner Rich are the Co-Founders of the award winning Challenge Day Program and non-profit of the same name.

The work of Challenge Day has received numerous honors and awards over the past 32 years since it’s creation and has also been featured on TV shows around the world.

The first show to feature Challenge Day was in 1999. Teen Files, Surviving High School documentary was produced by Paramount productions and won an Emmy for Children’s programming.

Yvonne and Rich now travel around the world leading programs and spreading the work of Challenge Day. They are also co-authors of the book Be The Hero You Have Been waiting For!

If you really knew me, you would know:

  • That my work through Challenge Day is much more than just a job, it is my passion and my service on the planet.
  • My Partner, my husband Rich is my best friend and after so many years together I feel more in love than ever.
  • My mother has Alzheimer’s disease and that my heart aches daily as I love her on this journey in life.
  • My family, my children and grandchildren bring so much joy and love in my life.
  • I am living the life of my dreams and I have worked hard to heal anything from my past that would prevent me from being able to fully feel and experience my joy in every moment.