Pam Dunn

Pam grew up in the small town of Sierra Vista, AZ, about 70 miles southeast of Tucson. She graduated from Buena High School, and attended Arizona State University and New College of California.

Prior to her entry into the Challenge Day community, Pam spent much of her professional life consulting nonprofit agencies, first as part of an evaluation firm and then on her own. In addition to evaluation and documentation, she has also provided support to agencies by facilitating such processes as strategic planning, program and staff development, and conflict resolution. As a trainer for the nationally-recognized Be Present, Inc. (BPI), she has helped countless women and girls understand and develop leadership, in their own lives as well as in their families and communities. Pam has been a member of this organization for over 10 years, working locally in their Sisters and Allies Training Project, and nationally as a facilitator for retreats and training workshops. Pam also leads the evaluation efforts and provides consultation for their organizing core group with the national Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and other BPI facilitators.

In the local Bay Area, Pam is a trainer in the Family Childcare Training Project, a project that provides licensed Family Daycare Providers with peer-support facilitation, childcare business administration, and computer technology training.

If you really knew me, you would know…

  • I am a bicultural African American woman who grew up spanning the divide between the community and family I was born into and the predominantly white community where I lived.
  • I was 17 years old when I realized that my primary attraction was to other women and I had to move away from home to learn that it meant I was a lesbian.
  • Becoming a Challenge Day Leader was a gift to me from the Divine.
  • I have been learning Congolese drumming for the past 3 years, and still feel like I am brand new to the voice that the drum calls out of me.
  • I always felt “called” to perform, either on the stage, in film or from the pulpit.
  • I have never been further away from this continent than Alaska and Hawaii and just got my first passport!