Katie Salvage

Katie Salvage was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As the oldest of seven children, Katie learned early on many of the lessons she would carry on throughout her life; responsibility, compassion, street smarts and taking care of those that you love. For her, being a big sister taught her that one of the most rewarding ways to give of oneself is through service and giving to others. In High School, Katie struggled with feeling like she didn’t fit in. She longed for a place to feel like she belonged and eventually found it in Theatre. She continued pursing her passion in theatre throughout college, eventually winning many awards; including on the Speech Forensic Circuit and at the Phi Ro Pi National Championship, winning gold, silver and bronze medals for Public Speaking and Dramatic Interpretation. This led her to teach assertiveness training, personal safety and assault prevention for girls and women in schools. She has received training to teach mindfulness to students. Katie’s passion for service and expression are brought together in Challenge Day. She especially believes in the importance of our young people. “So often, young people are underestimated, when they are the ones who have such a powerful ability to impact our world in a positive way. Being a teenager is hard, but what I love about this workshop is that it levels the playing field. Every person, regardless of what group they belong to, gets a real opportunity to be seen and heard.” Katie has always had a sense of urgency around wanting to impact change on this planet, and she believes, “the best way I can do that is by working with teens.” Katie started out leading Challenge Days but has continued to contribute to the growth of Challenge Day as a coach and Director of Training and Programming. She supervises Challenge Day Leaders and oversees the Training Process, along with developing and enhancing current and new programs. If you really knew me, you would know…

  • I do my best to practice what I teach. Sometimes I succeed, but I’m very much a work in progress.
  • I definitely have a quirky sense of humor. Sometimes it’s goofy and sarcastic and other times I’m the last one to get the joke.
  • My family is full of characters and when we spend time together it makes my sides hurt from laughing so much and my heart full.
  • I don’t play an instrument and I am definitely not a professional singer, but nothing inspires me quite like live music does.
  • I love impersonations! I enjoy doing them- especially of family and friends, and definitely have a knack for capturing people.
  • I’m working on listening more and talking less.
  • My meditation practice is a significant part of my life.
  • I think most uncomfortable or difficult situations can be helped with a little bit of chocolate.