Donna Lipman

Donna Lipman was in the very first Challenge Day leader-training program 20 years ago! It was indeed a challenge but the beginning of a long love affair with this extraordinary organization. And now, she feels humbled to be asked to participate on the board of directors!

Donna’s work takes her around the world to such countries as S. Korea, India and Colombia, teaching transformational presentation skills to technology innovators. (Yes, she brings the spiritual into technology!) She finds that people have their cultural differences but their hearts, their fears, their loves and concerns are the same everywhere. They worry they aren’t good enough, they worry about making mistakes, they worry about their children and families, whom they love dearly. They are looking for a safe space to give and receive love, to listen and be heard, to laugh and cry and to connect with their dreams, with others and with spirit. Donna’s gift is truly to provide that safe space for anyone to be the full expression of themselves.

Another of Donna’s interest is our environmental crisis and she is working diligently in her own community to create Austin, TX, where she now resides, as a model of a clean, smart city. Getting involved on a community level is a new endeavor and incredibly gratifying. She says that people’s hearts are in the right place!

If you really knew me, you would know…

  • I never had any biological children of my own but have found myself with 5 step-children and soon-to-be 7 grandchildren. Who would have thought? Life is full!
  • I have a picture of an Oscar on my vision board and have a dream of writing a song that wins the best song in a motion picture!
  • Inclusiveness is the sacred thread runs through my life and holds together all the different parts of my story.
  • I feel so blessed to have found love again in my life with my sweet husband Tom.