Ayana Cariaso – Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Ayana is our Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. She is originally from the Bay Area and has since moved to Seattle, Washington where she will further develop her professional career. Since receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies, Ayana has spent time immersing herself in the advocacy of Asian Americans in the Bay Area. Her advocacy work has also tied well into her love for the arts. She spent time as a theater director and scriptwriter for middle school and college, films and edits mini documentaries of people in her community, and creates virtual art workshops for families in the Bay Area.
Ayana has begun with Challenge Day in 2020 funneling creative elements to our constituents and re-branding Challenge Day in a way that represents what and how the organization has evolved into what it is today.
If you really knew me:
  • I’m a story teller and am inspired by other peoples’ stories
  • I’m a new lover of cats and plants
  • I enjoy living in metropolitan cities but don’t like driving in them
  • I’ve been to more countries than I have U.S. States
  • My pronouns are she AND they