Ana Rubio – Deputy Executive Director

Ana is our Deputy Executive Director and has the responsibility for overseeing financial and administrative functions and supervising our office team. Ana was born in Pittsburg, California and raised in Oakley.  She attended St. Mary’s College. Ana graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration, with a concentration in financial services. In keeping with the St. Mary’s College motto “Enter to learn. Leave to serve” Ana felt the calling to work for an organization that served the community. She found out about Challenge Day “by coincidence” from a current Challenge Day employee.  She watched the video online and was inspired to apply. She has felt that her work at Challenge Day has been a good merge of her values and her desire to give back. Ana has worked for Challenge Day for nine years in different roles throughout the organization. During her time here she met her husband, got married and has two beautiful children. At Challenge Day she has found a work life balance that enables her to be the mother she wants to be, while still reaching goals in her career. If you really knew me, you would know…

  • I am a creative being and love music and painting.
  • I am a singer – I love singing in the car, music blasting, windows down.
  • I hate roller coasters.
  • I conquered my fear of singing in public by trying out for The Voice.
  • Hearing my children giggle is what makes my heart melt.