Virtual Graduation Challenge Day

With the new environment of stress and uncertainty of the future, post COVID-19, has left many of us with unanswered questions. The graduation Challenge Day program, designed for 12th graders, gives students an opportunity to come together and celebrate this important time of their lives in an inclusive and connected way. It creates opportunities for seniors to reminisce, celebrate past achievements, and bring closure to their high school experience.

The program creates space for students to share gratitude and provides life tools that reach far past high school. In addition to celebration and connection, this program supports students in remembering they have what it takes to succeed and practice building confidence for the next phase in their lives.

"Thank you so much for sharing your crew with us yesterday. It was tons of fun and I think just the right way for our seniors to end their year, “together”. Time flew by, but it was a success. Thank you so much for Chris and Katie – they were AWESOME. Every facilitator we’ve had has just been phenomenal and I really believe that the kids feed off them. We are thinking of making that a part of our senior experience now! We always get super excited before and after any programming with your team."



  • Up to 200 Student Participants
  • Designed for 12th Grade
  • One 2 hour 10 minute session
  • Faculty/Staff Participation -
    • 1:5 adult to student ratio
    • Pre and Post meeting required
  • Counselor
    • Share resources available to students
  • Designed for participants to be 1:1 with technology
    • Materials Needed - paper and writing utensil


  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Self-Awareness

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