Virtual Faculty Workshop

In the wake of COVID-19, educators have been confronted with sudden and drastic changes. Many teachers are experiencing more stress than ever. The Challenge Day faculty workshop allows for teachers and staff members to process and connect on a real level in order to inspire and reinvigorate their teaching community. This experiential SEL workshop provides participants with the opportunity to practice research-based tools designed to support educators in both their professional and personal environments.

With a connection to trauma-informed care, the workshop unpacks how compassion plays a role in cultivating trust and explains how personal experiences and students’ adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affects teaching and learning. The workshop will also provide dual tips for educators around self-care and concrete tips for best practices for delivering lessons in person and in an online platform.


  • Up to 200 Participants
  • Designed for Faculty and Staff Members
  • One 2 hour 40 minute session
  • Materials Needed - paper and writing utensil


  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Self-Awareness

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