Virtual Challenge Day

The Virtual Challenge Day is an experiential program that guides students through the key teachings of our full day workshop. In this program, students are guided through a series of interactive activities that allow them to practice, first-hand, the tools that have proven to support individuals and school communities. It is designed to create connection, inclusivity, and break down barriers.

Some of the tools students will experience are: practicing mindfulness, taking action, active listening, the power of vulnerability, learning to responsibly manage emotions, developing self-confidence, offering compliments and sharing gratitude, speaking out and using their voice.

In the past year, there have been numerous and drastic changes to school structures and their communities. Young people are reporting increased anxiety, depression, separation and loneliness. The virtual challenge day is designed to provide a supportive environment for students to come together, remember they’re not alone, and leave feeling empowered, remembering their strength and resilience.

"Hearing from group during the first break out session, I believe the question was "something I wish people knew about me"? I felt like I was not alone in how I was feeling, I felt like others could relate to me, and we created a connection.”



  • Up to 200 Student Participants
  • Designed for 7-12th grade
  • One 2 hour 40 minute session
  • Faculty/Staff Participation -
    • 1:5 adult to student ratio
    • Pre and Post meeting required
  • Counselor
    • Share resources available to students
  • Designed for participants to be 1:1 with technology
  • Materials Needed - paper and writing utensil


  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Responsible Decision Making

"We had our first Challenge Day today over Zoom and our staff was super impressed. So glad we partnered with you."

Head Counselor

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