Adult and Business Programs

In addition to our youth programs, Challenge Day offers a selection of adult workshops and classes for individuals, communities, and businesses.  Our transformative, experiential programs support emotional well-being and resiliency, build cross-cultural connections, reduce conflict, and positively influence work environments. We are committed to building empathy and compassion in communities at large.

In 2020, organizations, globally, have been confronted with sudden and drastic changes and are experiencing more stress than ever. Our workshops are designed to give participants researched-based tools and practices that can help mitigate some of the overwhelming difficulties we are experiencing.


  • Hosted on Zoom
  • 2.5 hours
  • 10 to 200 participants
  • Use of breakout rooms, polling, connection activities, and audio/visual components to provide an engaging and interactive experience
  • Resource list to support ongoing use of tools practiced in workshop


  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Responsible Decision Making

*Please reach out to discuss how we can modify our workshops to meet the needs of your community.

Airmen immersed in resiliency at Challenge Day event

Sample workshops for self-care and building resilience:

Challenge Day’s Self-Care Workshop is intended to provide supportive tools that are practical, realistic, and rooted in resilience.  This is a time when life can feel out of control, and it’s important to look at how our natural tendency towards compassion for ourselves and others can play a role in cultivating what we need to be resilient, supported, and strong during this unprecedented time. The workshop also encourages connection on a real level to inspire and reinvigorate one another. All this is to ensure that we have what we need to lift others up and the space to support our communities in an empowering way.

Sample workshops for racial equity:

The social, emotional, and psychological impact of both COVID-19 and civil unrest cannot go unnoticed. Research by Angelica Leigh and Shimul Melwani, from the Academy of Management Journal, shows that, how organizations respond to large-scale, diversity-related events that receive significant media attention can either help employees feel psychologically safe or contribute to racial identity threat and mistrust of institutions of authority.

Through the lens of empathy and compassion Challenge Day provides opportunities for businesses to begin to build more inclusive work environments.

We define allyship as a lifelong process of building relationships based on empathy, compassion, trust, consistency, and accountability. With intentionality, we create a safe and compassionate environment for individuals to learn and ask questions. During the workshop we will discuss the concepts of racism and oppression, and provide best practices for being an ally.

Sample workshops for educators:

Many teachers are experiencing more stress than ever. The Challenge Day Faculty Workshop allows for teachers and staff members to process and connect on a real level in order to inspire and reinvigorate their teaching community.

This experiential SEL workshop provides participants with the opportunity to practice research-based tools designed to support educators in both their professional and personal environments. With a connection to Trauma Informed Care, the workshop unpacks how compassion plays a role in cultivating trust and explains how personal experiences and students’ Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) affects teaching and learning. The workshop will also provide dual tips for educators around self-care and concrete tips on best practices for delivering lessons in person and in an online platform.

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