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Adult and Business Programs

In addition to our youth programs, Challenge Day offers a selection of adult workshops and classes for individuals, communities, and businesses.  Our transformative, experiential programs support emotional well-being and resiliency, build cross-cultural connections, reduce conflict, and positively influence work environments. We are committed to building empathy and compassion in communities at large. In 2020, organizations, […]

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SustainableU Workshop for University/College Students What it does for you: place of support, sense of less isolation, reflect has been, place as a community, become aware of what’s going on for others, decompress, take a break from finals and studying, take some time for you. This year has been overwhelming, there’s so much unknown, but […]

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Challenge Day Signature Program

Our Signature Program! Ignite School Connectedness Imagine a school where everyone feels safe, loved and celebrated. Imagine enemies finding common ground and making peace; friends healing past hurts and making amends; people igniting their passion for service and leadership; adults and youth working together to create a school where everyone is included and thrives. This is Challenge […]

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Virtual Challenge Day

The virtual Challenge Day is an experiential program that guides students through the key teachings of our full day workshop. In this program, students are guided through a series of interactive activities that allow them to practice, first-hand, the tools that have proven to support individuals and school communities. It is designed to create connection, inclusivity, and break down barriers.

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Challenge Day Assembly

The Challenge Day Assembly is a 1.5-hour experiential program for your school that increases student awareness and empathy. Like our traditional Challenge Day program, the assembly features interactive learning exercises, music, and the powerful life stories and lessons of our highly trained facilitators. Assemblies are most effective when held in conjunction with the Challenge Day […]

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Virtual Assembly

The Virtual Challenge Day Assembly is an experiential program that increases student awareness and empathy. It is designed to create connection, inclusivity and engagement with an entire student population, giving them a shared language into the essential concepts of Challenge Day. The assembly is a powerful opportunity for school communities to remember that they are all in this together, and to have a shared experience during a time of social separation.

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Challenge Day Graduation

The 6½ hour experiential program celebrates the graduating class and provides them with life tools to smooth their transition from high school into the next phase of their lives. Graduates have an opportunity to celebrate powerful relationships with peers, teachers and other school personnel, and also to heal frayed relationships. A Graduation Challenge Day is […]

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Virtual 8th Grade Assembly

The new environment of stress and uncertainty of the future, post COVID-19, has left many of us with unanswered questions. The 8th grade assembly program, gives students an opportunity to come together and celebrate this important time of their lives in an inclusive and connected way. It creates opportunities for students to reminisce, share gratitudes, and celebrate past achievements and bring closure to their middle school/junior high experience.

This is ideal for the end of the school year, but can be experienced in the beginning of the year with some adjustments.

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Challenge Day for Faculty

Challenge Day’s faculty development programs offer school personnel an experiential engagement with social and emotional learning areas, an opportunity to strengthen the teaching community, to increase self-awareness, to gain insight into the neurological realities shaping student development, and to design lesson plans utilizing Challenge Day teachings. The programs vary in length from one hour to […]

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Virtual Graduation Challenge Day

The abrupt ending of the 2020 school year and the uncertainty of the following year has disrupted the important milestones and rites of passage usually afforded to 12th graders. This coupled with the new environment of stress and uncertainty of the future, post COVID-19, has left many of us with unanswered questions.

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