SustainableU-Workshop for College Students

girl on stairs

DECEMBER 8, 2020 –  5:00-7:30PM PST

Why attend?

Decompress: Take a break from finals and studying, take some time for you.

Gain Tools for Sustainability: Mindfulness and Meditation, self-care practices, knowledge is power.

Gain Community: A place of support, sense of less isolation, become aware of what’s going on for others. 

This year has been overwhelming, there’s so much unknown, but there’s ways we can manage it.


“This was amazing. We should do this every month” – Past Participant


Compassion . Resilience . Connection

Support . Growth Mindset . Mindfulness

Belongingness . Reducing Isolation . Decompress

Reflection . Community Awareness

Stress Management . Decompress

 “A chance to take a f-ing break”

Help with stress and anxiety . Relief


Text SustainableU to 91999

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