Challenge Day

COVID-19 Response and Re-opening

This is a moment of extraordinary transition for the US (and the world at large). Re-opening the economy, and our schools, will involve decisions based on incomplete and changing information that must be made in an uncertain environment. This document is an effort to outline our organization’s safety protocol expectations and our COVID-19 response as it pertains to our external partnerships in schools, organizations, businesses, and colleges.  

Our primary aim at Challenge Day, a nonprofit organization headquartered in California, is to create and distribute science-based, authoritative information to support decisions designed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to participants who are interested in our services. This information includes literature reviews of published scientific research distributed by the  Center for Disease Control (CDC), the state of California Safe Schools for All Hub, and state and local health agencies of those states we serve. As we learn more information around what is needed regarding COVID-19, we may adjust protocols and will communicate accordingly. 

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