Volunteer Opportunities

What does it mean to volunteer at a Challenge Day?

Challenge Days are usually held at schools, and serve up to 100 students and 25-30 adults (at least 1 adult for every 4 students). Adults are school staff, administrators, teachers, parents and even interested community members and outside volunteers. We call these adults "Adult Participants" and they participate fully in the program along with the students. This means the volunteer will be willing to play, to listen and be willing to share about themselves. While we understand this can sometimes be scary even for adults we only ask that you share what you are comfortable with. We would never ask anyone to share anything they did not want to. We also ask volunteers to arrive 30 minutes early for a morning meeting before the Challenge Day starts, commit to participate in the entire day, and stay 30 minutes after the day ends for a wrap-up meeting. This is explained further below.

Many schools are open to having community members and outside volunteers come and be part of their Challenge Day.

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