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Being a Challenge Day Leader is much more than a job. It is choosing a way of life. Because we often teach what we most need to learn, becoming and being a Leader will be "Your School of Personal Discovery and Growth."

Challenge Day is a metaphor for life. Every single part of this work has meaning and purpose. As you learn the process and begin applying it to your life, we believe you will find the lessons and insights to be life-changing.

Being a Challenge Day Leader means you are in constant practice of all the lessons and principles you will be teaching at Challenge Day. If you were to lead a Challenge Day without actually taking a truthful, vulnerable look at your own life and continually striving for growth, you would be out of integrity with what you're teaching…and it would show.

Challenge Day Leaders and Trainees will tell you that once you have committed to becoming a Challenge Day Leader, it is a constant unfolding and calling in of life lessons and personal truths. It's also an on-going birthing of new parts of yourself that you never before discovered.

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Explore the Challenge Day Leader Training Process

  • Community Workshops: As a Challenge Day Leader applicant, we invite you to attend our Being the Change (Level 1) and our Living the Change (Level 2) Workshops. These community workshops are 3-day personal development workshops that offer a comprehensive and deep exploration of Challenge Day’s principles, practices, tools, philosophies, culture and history. Challenge Day Leaders not only teach compassion, forgiveness and connection, they live it. Led by our Founders, these workshops give you an opportunity to connect with Challenge Day on a deeper level and access more tools to broaden your experience as a future Challenge Day Leader. Click here for workshop dates, registration and information.
  • Volunteer at as many Challenge Days as possible as an Adult Participant so that you can experience a diversity of Leaders, schools and youth and get a sense of what it’s really like to be a Leader. Be sure to let the Leaders at the day know - before the day starts - that you're interested in being a Leader.
  • Call our office at 925-957-0234 with questions.

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